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Make Your Home Market – Ready

It seems like winter has hardly begun and yet here we are; spring is just around the corner. The brighter and longer days bring a new sense of energy and optimism. Traditionally, springtime is a hot time for the real estate market. The largest number of buyers are actively searching for a new home in the months of April, May and June. If you are thinking of listing your home this spring, don’t wait too long. Get prepared for the busy spring market now.

Here are some tips for making sure you have your home ready for the spring market.

Start Packing.

If it seems too early to start packing remember that you are going to have to do it later anyway. Take advantage of the opportunity to get organized while you declutter and depersonalize your home for sale. Put things away in labelled boxes so that when it comes time to move you will already have some of the hard work done. Not only will this lighten your packing load later, your home will be ready to show to potential buyers.

Make improvements to your home.

Making even small changes such as painting walls in a light, neutral colour can add value to your home. Cleaning or replacing the caulking or grout in your shower and replacing tired fixtures can also help your home to feel clean and well-maintained without spending a fortune.

Clean your home.

It is important to understand what buyers want. Most people want to find a home that is move-in ready. A home that is clean will make buyers feel like they can move right in. Make sure you clean windows, blinds, ceiling fans, base-boards, and the insides of cupboards and closets. Polish the floors and deep clean the carpets. Clean all appliances and, of course make sure your kitchen and bathrooms are spot-less! Let me know if you need any other ideas for making your home look its best.

Do your research.

Know the current trends in home sales in your area. As a professional realtor I can help you navigate the market. It is important to know your market so that you can price your home appropriately. Listing your home at the right price and at the right time is critical to get-ting the best sale possible.

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