Home Organization Part 2


Last month we began our journey to a more organized home by addressing the issue of clutter. This month I would like to share with you some tips for using some simple tools to make your space more functional and beautiful.

Command Hooks

Maybe you’ve used a command hook to hang up a seasonal wreath on your door. They are great because you don’t have to make holes in your walls to use them. The sticky strip technology has improved over the years and now comes in a wide range of sizes, designs and strengths. Place a few hooks under your sink cabinet to hang up cleaning tools, or inside your kitchen cabinets to hang a tea towel or pot holders. Command strips can even be used to hang framed photos or other artwork. Use these hooks as a place to hang a hand towel or your keys by the back door. They make great hangers for kids’ backpacks or jackets and can be placed at their level. The best thing about these hooks is that if you want to move them or remove them altogether, they just peel away—no hole, no mess!

Wall-mounted Shelves

If you want to increase your available space for storage, think of all the vertical space that is currently unused in your home. You can put a shelf anywhere, even above the TV. Add open shelves to your kitchen or bathroom or in the bedroom. A tall shelf added to a corner can double as a night stand while providing storage space.


Storage containers can be beautiful—works of art in themselves. A hand-made basket or a colourful box set on a shelf or under a table can provide a space to hold items. Use containers creatively. Magazine or file holders can be used in the kitchen to corral stray plastic ware, lids, utensils, spice packets or anything else you can think of. Clear plastic bins or large glass jars are great because you can see what is inside. You can add a pretty label or tag if you want.

Use Space Creatively

Do you have space that is currently under utilized in your home? Think about storage or an office space under a set of stairs. Or how about using an existing closet as a craft cupboard or home office space? Don’t forget about space on the backs of doors. By simply adding a hook or an over-the-door hanging organizer you can add valuable storage space to your home.

Farm Fresh Ideas for Spring

The sun is shining today and the air is warm. The snow is gone and the ice is melting in the pond. Signs of spring are appearing and we are getting ready for a new season. Yesterday we welcomed 3 new piglets to our little farm. In a couple of weeks our new chicks will arrive. I am already dreaming about those farm-fresh eggs! There is new life all around us. It reminds me that each season brings a new beginning. Now is the perfect time to start planning for a summer crop of fresh vegetables. Did you know that you don’t need a lot of land to grow food? A pot of tomatoes on the balcony or fresh herbs and micro-greens growing on a windowsill will supply you with fresh, organic food all summer long. And who doesn’t like to say, “I did this with my own hands?” Whether you live in the country, city, or somewhere in between, enjoy a new beginning by trying your hand at growing something delicious this spring. We might not all have the space to raise animals and plant a huge garden, but any sunny window will provide you farm fresh food for the months to come.

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