Purchasing Rural Property

What You Need to Know About Purchasing Rural Property

I was born and raised in Pelham. I have a great appreciation for the beauty and rural heritage of my community. Living in the country seems idyllic: It is quiet, private, and close to nature. Certainly, all these things are true! How-ever, when it comes time to buying a property in the country there are critical things to consider that you would not even think of when buying a home in a town or city. Don’t wait for unpleasant surprises or extra cost and work. By doing your homework, you can make buying a home in the country a dream come true!


What is the source of water for this property? Well or cistern? Is there a filtration system in place? Is the water safe to drink? Just this week I sent a well water sample to the Region of Niagara for testing. This is common practice when purchasing a rural property.

Septic System

When buying a property in the country it is most likely not connected to the city sewer system. It is important to consider the condition of the existing septic system and whether it will meet the demands of your family and lifestyle. If the system is old or you want to increase the number of fixtures in your home you may need to budget for maintenance or upgrade.


What is the road like getting to the property? Is it a private road? Who clears the snow in the winter? What are conditions like in the winter? All of these questions point to extra work you may have to take on yourself in order to have good road access.


There may be special zoning or restrictions on what you can do with the land you purchase. Are there any restrictions to building? Is land on your property protected for any reason such as for conservation? In our region, the Niagara Escarpment, the Green Belt and local zoning often impacts land use. It is important to have someone who is knowledgeable about what the zoning codes and restrictions mean.


As a licensed real estate professional I make it my business to understand the rules, regulations and special considerations for any home purchase or sale. I know that purchasing rural property comes with special considerations. I have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the challenges and help my clients find the perfect forever home.

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